At Landmark Realtors Ltd we take customer service to the highest level by making customer service our top priority. We serve clients locally and internationally offering a wide range of integrated real estate consultancy services to the government, banks and financial institutions, corporations, institutions of learning, foreign missions, UN Agencies, foreign and local investors among others.
Our core services comprise:

  • Property valuation
  • Property Management.
  • Real Estate Agency
  • Facility Management

Property Valuation

Landmark Realtors offers all kinds of assets and real estate valuation services and is retained by most local major corporate bodies for such services as:
Real Estate valuation for mortgage security, auction, insurance, liquidation etc.
Feasibility study preparation in development of housing estates, commercial properties, industrial developments and office blocks.
Participation in project development in consultation with architects, quantity surveyors and engineers.
Conducting rental valuations, rent reviews and determining applicable rents for landlords, tenants, financiers and arbitrators.
Valuations on all types of plant machinery and equipment, fixed and movable assets, stocks, furniture, vehicles etc.

Specific Valuation Services Offered Include:

  • Asset valuations
  • Sale/purchase valuations
  • Assets inventorying
  • Valuation for insurance purposes
  • Coding and tagging
  • Plant and machinery valuations
  • Furniture, equipments and fittings valuations
  • Mortgage valuations
  • Valuation for privatisation purposes
  • Statutory valuations
  • Forced sale valuations
  • Rental assessment
  • Investment analysis
  • Project feasibility studies

Property Management

  • Designer assisted services
  • Marketing and leasing
  • Lease administration and management
  • Building operations and maintenance
  • Security analysis
  • Risk management
  • Business plan/budget development
  • Cash flow management
  • Finance reporting

Real Estate Agency

Agency department deals with all types of properties. Duties of this department include:

  • Letting
  • Sales and acquisition
  • Lease administration
  • Tenant representation

In order to protect the property owner’s revenue stream and to maximize long-term performance and investment value, our letting specialists ensure that a thorough tenant referencing is done before occupancy is taken up by the tenants. We examine all options to ensure risks are minimized while maximizing return on investment for the investor.

Through the use of e-commerce technology combined with first hand local market knowledge, our professionals are able to market properties internationally.

Facility Management

Our Facility Management Services encompass the following:

  • Building systems and service management.
  • Energy management.
  • Landscaping and grounds-keeping
  • Business support services.
  • Occupational services
  • Maintenance operations management
  • Health and safety.
  • Waste management.
  • Facilities accounting.
  • Building Insurance services.
  • Facility planning.